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The lght is a Russian ready-to-wear brand based in Moscow. It was founded in 2018 by Paul Andreev. 

Having worked with globally known Russian brands like Ulyana Sergeenko and Beso Turá, Andreev took his fashion design and management background and combined it with his directing experience, which make the lght look so dreamy and played out well.

The lght is totally unisex. It combines femininity with masculinity and there’s a reason why. The creative director was raised in a patriarchic Russian culture where men have to be men and women are often very sexualised. However, he was always against those rules and loved combining masculine and feminine designs in his outfits. 

The lght combines the city lifestyle with dreamy motifs from the countryside. In Andreev’s design language, minimalism means empowerment. That is why we can see strong and sharp jackets combined with flawless flower printed silk dresses and shirts. Such garments were designed with a very literal nofrills attitude; they allow the wearer to indulge in elegance and style, but without compromising practicality.

Another topic that brand wants to communicate is that society should speak up not only female empowerment but also accepting femininity in male figures. «We live in a world where it doesn’t matter what sex you are. The only thing that matters is truly understanding and embracing your inner world, your aesthetics and projecting your positive energy every day», – Andreev says.